Goals :

The purpose of Moved For All Nations is:

  1. To start up socio-economic projects in countries and regions where the population has the need for it.
  2. To guide such initiatives into independent projects, which can be lead by the local population on a self-generating base. 
  3. To offer possibilities for education and training to those less fortunate and disadvantaged, so that they could have the opportunity to deploy and become a worthwhile part of society. 
  4. To make known the need at home and abroad with the intention of encouraging people towards active love for their fellow man, regardless the colour of their skin, religious or non-religious beliefs.
  5. To raise funds, to collect or manufacture materials needed to achieve, maintain and develop the projects mentioned above.
  6. To make known the activities of the association in schools and organizations, etc., in order to raise funds and attract fellow workers.
  7. To engage those who are interested - for a short or longer term - in a project in another culture and thereby expanding their thought and experience.