Food distribution in disaster areas


As Moved For All Nations we have often had the enormous privilege of distributing necessary vital food in disaster areas. 

  • Early 2005 we have distributed a great amount of food to tsunami victims on the Andaman and Nicobar islands.
  • Every year since 2010 we distribute besides waterfilters, food packages to victims of the annual floods in Bihar.
  • In 2015 we were able to help victims of the massive earthquake in Nepal.
  • And of course now it's the Corona virus that at the moment is paralizing just about the entire world.


At the moment we're staying in Manipur (Northeast-India) and are talking with a few people who are 'officially' overseeing the townships. We started with the colony where my wife grew up, where we know most of the people and where we also sponsor most of the children.

In that township 350 out of the 400 families work 'in normal circumstances' as day laborers and they are all struggling now. Next week we hope to distribute rice, sugar, tea and beans to these 350 families. (The remaining 50 families have an income or a small shop that is still allowed to open during the time permitted.)

It's already starting to become difficult to find rice. People with money have already stored up their rice. Those who still want to buy now have to pay 20 or 30% more for it.

Contributions for food distribution are welcome with the statement 'NEED' through the account of :


Moved For All Nations VZW

Leopoldplein 26A

2500 Lier (Belgium)

IBAN : BE50 9796 4898 9518



We were able to start with the first food distribution. The first woman who spoke to us thanked us with tears in her eyes and said, "Thanks. Even people who have money cannot find rice."