Beginning and Vision

Rudi Van Steen, the founder of Moved For All Nations writes:

In January 1993 I prayed for a birthday present from God Himself that would change my whole life and on the exact day of my birthday I received an invitation to join a truck convoy as a driver bringing relief supplies to Albania. This was the first of many foreign mission trips to various countries. The need in Albania and other countries pushed me again and again to collect supplies and funds for countries, target groups and people in great need and I did this quite successfully.

In 1999 I had an encounter with someone from Alaska. The next day when I started praying for him I saw, while looking at the map of the world, that Alaska was pretty much literally the end of the earth. Suddenly I heard the Spirit of God saying: "It is written, 'You will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth'." I burst into tears and saw how my tears became waves of love and compassion that flooded the whole earth.

Those tears were the seed. And those who sow with tears will reap with joy. In 2002 my leadership advised me to start my own organization. Immediately I knew we had to use 'MFAN' as the abbreviation and was convinced that it would be 'For All Nations'. Only the letter 'M' was a question mark until someone asked me what the Flemish word ‘bewogenheid’ meant in English and according to the dictionary it was "Moved" and that's how "Moved For All Nations" was born on January 17, 2003.

Shortly before the one-year existence of Moved For All Nations God asked me to celebrate the 'MFAN'-birthday with a prayer day, I was supposed to invite as many people as possible who were involved in mission, giving them the opportunity to present their work but I had to keep quiet about what I was doing. There were 17 mission projects present and we prayed with great passion for each other's projects.

God doesn't enjoy the boundaries that are set between countries, peoples, churches and organizations. He wants us to break them down and Moved For All Nations is joyfully co-operating with this. You too?

Moved For All Nations wants to see all brothers and sisters in Christ working together in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, no matter the differences in how we think about it, because if we work together the whole world will notice that we are one.